Computer science - master studies

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Would you like to develop robots and autonomous vehicles which move independently and perform a variety of tasks in a completely unfamiliar environment and without human influence? In a word, do you want to make intelligent systems?

Master studies in computer science can help you make your wishes a reality. The area of intelligent systems involves many disciplines, such as machine learning, computer games, automatic proof of mathematical theorems, or diagnosis of disease in medicine. This area systematizes and automates intellectual activity.

Study program: Computer science ( reaccredited 2014. )
The previous name of the study program: Intelligent systems ( accredited 2009. )
Duration: 1 year (60 ECTS points)
Profession: Master informatician
Number of entries per year: 15 students

The diploma is recognized abroad in accordance with the Bologna Declaration.

Requirements for admission:

  • Completed studies lasting 4 years (240 ECTS points),
  • The rank list of candidates to enrollment is determined by the success of the completion of the previous studies of applicants.
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