Computer design - undergraduate studies

dizajn Computer design is a study program in the field of visual arts. It is an interdisciplinary program that integrates the field of education in the domain of fine arts, graphic design, interactive media, computer animation, digital composite images, photographs, sound design, art theory with computer science. The program allows you to study the phenomenon of design, especially in the context of contemporary aesthetic pursuits and technical standards and innovation. Students are introduced to interdisciplinary approaches to the design and theory of art. Special emphasis is placed on analysis of selected trends in the fields of music (sound design), photography and film.

Study program: Computer design ( in process of accreditation, registration after completion of accreditation)
Duration: 4 years (240 ECTS points)
Profession: Graduate designer
Number of entries per year: 20 students

Requirements for admission:

  • High school lasting four years,
  • Entrance exam, which consists of three parts: drawing, painting and a test of knowledge of visual arts.
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