Slots RTP or why online casinos are always in the black

Times are changing: mechanical slot machines are being replaced by high-tech electronic devices or even moved to the Internet in the form of innovative software products working by clear rules.

The risk of being cheated by a gambling establishment is minimized as much as possible and is within the limits allowed by the regulator. Players' strategies to win also do not work - an unbiased random number generator produces unpredictable results.

Is it possible to beat the casino live Bollywood? The answer lies not in the abundance of bonus features and exorbitant multipliers, but in a modest figure mentioned in the specifications of each self-respecting developer of gaming software - RTP slots.

What is RTP?

RTP is the percentage payout to the player, fixed by the developer in a particular slot.

RTP rate shows a clear ratio between winnings of the player and casino income. If the specifications indicated RTP 95%, that's how much the gambler gets from the total bet. Bollywood Casino is guaranteed to get 5%.

This does not mean that on a particular dollar you will win 95 cents. You can hit the jackpot after two runs of the reels or wait a long time for the promised prize, spending money on bets. The reason for that is dispersion - one of the objective properties of the random number generator. The RTP indicator takes it into account and works in the long term - you need to perform thousands of spins in order to determine the veracity of the promised percentages.

Comparison of RTP. What does it depend on?

Payout percentage in a slot machine depends on the requirements of the regulator of a particular country and the mathematical model used by the developer. Any action in the slot - bonus levels, jackpots, etc. - are subject to a certain scenario, taking into account the RTP.

No one will not issue a license for a slot machine, if it lays low percentage of payments, which does not meet the minimum requirements. This figure ranges from 80 to 95%, depending on the country.

Companies that specialize in the production of gaming software for casinos follow the established rules. Some developers create slots with the same RTP, while others calculate the percentage payout for a particular slot machine.

Can the operator set up the RTP of the machines himself?

This question is of most interest to gamblers. Changing these figures is almost impossible because RTP is included in the program code by the developer. Of course, hacking by a computer genius and code changing cannot be ruled out, but the probability of these actions is reduced to zero due to the complexity of the process.

Slots with what RTP better to place in your casino

When choosing game software for your gambling establishment find out not only the RTP rate but also the variance of the slots. These indicators are interrelated and will eventually affect the profitability of your business.

There are slot machines with different dispersion:

  • Low - a slot in which small winnings fall almost every turn;
  • High - a slot in which wins Winnings fall out rarely, but with large odds.

Slots with low dispersion beckon with the frequency of winnings, create an impression of luck, and with high dispersion - attracting the size of cash prizes and the prospect of getting more. The result - the player lingers at favorite slot for a long time and leaves in the gambling establishment its savings, increasing casino profits with each spin.

According to expert observations, machines with low dispersion tend to have a high payout percentage. The gambler will receive frequent small prizes and stay online for a long time, but in the end the winning remains a gambling establishment. By the way, there is an opinion among the players that on low-dispersion machines you should play with the maximum bets, and this is another argument in favor of installing exactly such slots.