Stanozolol tablets

Among the most effective and most commonly used anabolic drugs are "Stanozolol" tablets. Reviews of men confirm its effectiveness, and the research of experts in the field of doping control has put an end to the impossibility of its use by professional athletes.

However, for people who care about their own achievements and are not fighting for Olympic gold, the drug helps a lot. But it also has some side effects and has its own contraindications.

Pharmacology of the drug

Stanozolol is available in pill form and can also be purchased as an injection. The latter compares favorably with other similar steroids due to the presence of an aqueous base.

The active ingredient of the drug is biologically available, as proven by numerous tests. Tablets, passing through the stomach and liver, practically do not lose their properties. But the drug is toxic to internal organs, due to the presence of an alkyl group in the composition.

However, this side effect is offset by the absence of other negative consequences. Therefore, taking "Stanozolol" in tablets is popular among women who want to achieve certain results in weight lifting.

To significantly reduce the negative effects on the body, it is important to carefully observe the dosage. In this case, virilization and masculinization in the fair sex will not manifest so clearly.