Master in Computational Finance - Master studies


The purpose of the academic master program Master in Computational Finance (MCF) is to educate students for different  types of jobs which, at their core, have work with structured and unstructured financial data and extraction of useful knowledge from financial and other relevant sources of information while developing their intuition about the functioning of financial markets and financial institutions. The study program is dealing with computational and algorithmic aspects of the problem as they apply to realistic business settings. Students are preparing for jobs in Serbia and on the international job market primarily in the area of digital economics and finance as well in financial technology firms. As English is de facto the language of finance and digital business, this study program is conducted in English.

Name of the study program: Master academic studies – Master in Computational Finance (MCF)
Duration: 1 year (60 ECTS)
Title of the diploma: Master in Computer Science – Computational Finance
Planned number of students to be enrolled in the program: Maximum 15
Language of Instruction: English
Enrollment conditions: Completed university-level academic studies for the minimal duration of 4 years (240 ECTS), working knowledge in English at the level of B2.
We are looking for highly motived quantitative apt applicants from different majors with a primary focus on computer science, economic sciences, engineering and natural sciences and mathematics. A candidate’s place on the ranking list is determined based on the prior academic achievements and an in-depth interview conducted in English with each individual candidate.