Knowledge and skills

  • Ability to combine finance, programming and statistical/machine learning skills to solve problems that frequently occur in business practices.
  • Possession of advanced knowledge related to theories and principles of financial models, algorithms used for extraction of useful information from data presented in digital format, including critical understanding, evaluation and application of mathematical models and computer algorithms and different approaches to simulations and forecasting in finance and economics.
  • Understanding of how financial markets, institutions and corporations operate.
  • Possession of professional knowledge of contemporary software platforms and mechanisms for their use in finance and economics.
  • The skill to solve complex problems in the area of computational finance and to adequately react in unpredictable situations simulating real business environment.
  • The skill of working in groups and of complex communication in English when interacting and cooperating with people from different educational and social backgrounds.
  • The skill to recognize and apply the appropriate mathematical models, technologies and software platforms in order to solve a concrete problem in different areas of computational finance.