Tuition and Fees

We have created a world-class master degree program, first of its kind in Serbia and the region. Our teachers have an outstanding academic and professional credentials and connections with the leading firms and academic institutions in the region, Europe and the US. Another important feature of the program is its Advisory Board. Its goal is to help bridge the gap between South Eastern Europe and the leading financial centers and to ensure that our graduates receive skills and knowledge that is in high demand in the global financial marketplace as well as professional connections with the leading companies. In addition, we plan to organize seminars with experts from around the globe that will cover what are currently the leading trends in the field.
Full tuition and fees for the master degree MCF program are 6.000 euros. The payment is made in RSD (Serbian currency), based on the official average exchange rate published by the National Bank of Serbia on the day of payment.

Tuition and fees include:

  • Classes,
  • Individual tutoring sessions,
  • Examination fees,
  • Complete literature needed for the program (in printed or electronic form),
  • Software licences,
  • Unlimited access to the internet,
  • All of the necessary letters of confirmation, certifications, forms, diplomas, etc

Investing your time and money to acquire this unique combination of skills is sure to pay off handsomely. People that combine strong finance, programming and quantitative skills with the keen understanding of how financial markets and institutions work are in high demand and in short supply. Financial technology firms, banks, Big Four and other leading consultancies, investment and other companies and institutions, both regionally and globally, actively search for such talent. Those who complete the MCF program, therefore, have excellent placement opportunities. In addition, some of you may want to create their own startups. For those of you interested in pursuing a PhD at a top international school we can help you both with personal contacts and advise (our aggregate network of academic contacts is extensive).
In addition, we do our best to help talented people with limited financial means to complete the master degree program MCF. In particular, unemployed students have reduction tuition and fees of 50 percent, i.e. they pay 3000 euros. Furthermore, for students that have previously completed the Short-Cycle program Master in Computational Finance (MCF) tuition paid for the Short-Cycle program is recognized in full towards paying the tuition for the master degree program.
If you are interested in the Master in Computational Finance (MCF) program and wandering whether you can afford it do contact us at mcf[@] and we shall schedule a discussion.