About the founder

Filling the long lasting shortage of classical education in the field of computing in our country, the CET company (Computer Equipment and Trade) founded the School of Computing, and after that the first private High School of Computing in Serbia.

CET, founded in 1990, is engaged in computer training, publishing and selling computer literature. Today, the company is divided into two distinct departments: CET publishing and CET training centre.

The CET Computer School is a leader in non-formal IT education, behind which there are over 30 years of successful work and over 49,500 satisfied students. It also offers over 70 courses for both beginners and professionals.

Our professional trainers will teach you the computer skills in basic programs and prepare you for the internationally recognised IT certificates. Courses are taught by extremely motivated and highly qualified staff with wide professional experience and extraordinary interpersonal skills.

Another advantage of the CET Computer School is working in small groups, with up to 10 participants. This allows commitment to the individual and his or her needs. Thus, the participants are successfully prepared for taking international certificates.

Classes are held using cutting-edge equipment and the latest versions of software packages. Courses are constantly innovated and adapted to new versions of the programs, and accompanied by adequate computer books.

CET is a leader in the market when it comes to publishing professional computer literature. So far we have published more than 400 bestselling computer titles. We are also authorised translators for the publishing houses: Microsoft Press, Wrox, Addison- Wesley, Hayden, SAMS, NRP, QUE, M&T, Sybex and many other world publishers.