Enrolment in applied studies

Basic applied studies last three years and are worth 180 ECTS credits. At the School of Computing (RAF) there is one study program:

»Information Technology

Admission requirements:

  • High school lasting four years,
  • Entrance exam in informatics.
    • Students only take the test in informatics, since during the studies there are no mathematical, but strictly practical subjects.

The number of students enrolled in undergraduate studies: 60.

The enrolment of candidates is based on rankings, determined by the success in high school (a maximum of 40 points) and the entrance exam results (a maximum of 60 points).

Foreign students, who have previously validated a four-year high school degree, may also enrol at the School of Computing. These candidates must be fluent in the Serbian language, which is confirmed by a special School Commission (the candidates will be personally informed about the Commission’s workplace and working hours), and must submit their passports, health insurance and residence certificates.

If any of the admitted candidates does not enrol on time after the list of candidates has been published, their place will be taken by the next candidate, and so on until the end of the list. All the candidates who acquire the right to enrol are informed to strictly adhere to the announced schedules of registration. Those who are behind them on the final list should know that they potentially have the opportunity to enrol instead of the candidates who qualify but do not enrol on time. When the enrolment finishes, the School of Computing will update the final lists and enrol students who are “below the line” until all the vacancies are filled.

Candidates who qualify for the enrolment submit the following documents:

  • birth certificate,
  • certificates of all four grades of high school or certified copies,
  • high school exit exam – diploma or a certified copy,
  • two photos, 3,5 x 4,5 cm,
  • photocopy of an identity card
  • proof of payment of the tuition fees.