Information technology

Entrance exam
Students take the entrance exam in Informatics. The entrance exam consists of examples from online materials.
Entrance exam in Informatics: June.
Enrolment of candidates who pass the entrance exam: after the exam.

Preparatory classes
Classes are designed for those who want to successfully pass the entrance exam for enrolment at the School of Computing, as well as for other interested students who wish to prepare for the entrance exams at similar faculties.
Preparatory classes are held online. The materials can be accessed from October until June at
Preparatory courses start in February and last until April.
Due to diversity of educational programs in high schools, preparatory classes represent the combination of knowledge of the following areas:

– Numeral systems
– Algorithms and block diagrams
– Operating system, Office, Internet, Web

For further information on study programs, preparatory classes, price and enrolment at the School of Computing, please contact us.
Phone number: 011 26 27 613,
Address: 6 Knez Mihailova, sixth floor.

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