Enrolment in doctoral studies

Doctoral studies last three years and are worth 180 ECTS credits. The deadline for enrolment in doctoral studies is 1 November, when the lectures begin. At the School of Computing (RAF) there are the following doctoral programs:

» Computer Science,

» Computer Engineering,

» Multimedia Design.

Requirements for admission to doctoral studies:

  • Completed appropriate undergraduate and master studies (300 ECTS)
  • Passed exams at previous levels of studies,
  • knowledge of the English language, and
  • an adequate grade point average or scientific achievements, under one of the following conditions:
    • completed undergraduate and master studies with a minimum of 300 ECTS and a grade point average of at least 8 (eight) in undergraduate and master studies,
    • completed undergraduate and master studies with a minimum of 300 ECTS and scientific achievements, according to the ranking list from Article 8 of the Rulebook on Doctoral Studies,
    • someone who possesses the academic degree of Master of Science can, according to the provisions referred to in Article 128 of the Law on Higher Education, enrol in the third year of doctoral studies.

The number of students admitted to Doctoral Studies:

  • Computer Science – 5 candidates,
  • Computer Engineering – 5 candidates,
  • Multimedia Design – 5 candidates

After the registration process, a unique ranking list of candidates who have applied for doctoral studies is formed based on the scores established according to Article 8 of the Rulebook on Doctoral Studies.

Foreign citizens, regarding educational levels, enrol in the doctoral studies under the same conditions as Serbian citizens. The fulfilment of the required conditions is determined on the basis of the degrees obtained at previous levels of academic studies, as well as on the curriculum of the completed studies.

Candidates who qualify for the enrolment submit the following documents:

  • birth certificate,
  • original or certified copies of diplomas of previous levels of academic studies and diploma supplements or the certificates of passed exams and grade point average,
  • two photos, 3,5 x 4,5 cm,
  • photocopy of an identity card,
  • proof of payment of the tuition fees.