Information technologies - Undergratuate applied studies

informacionetehnologijeInformation technologies as a discipline contemplates the administration of computer networks, enterprise software, database administration, client and server operating systems, and is required in every company that has more than ten employees. This expert studies program offers a unique combination of practical skills and skills necessary for the proper functioning of the computer infrastructure. 

Study program: Information technologies ( in process of reaccreditation )
The previous name of the study program: Information technologies ( accredited 2009. )
Duration: 3 years (180 ECTS points)
Profession: Expert of electrical engineering and computing
Number of entries per year: 30 students

The diploma is recognized abroad in accordance with the Bologna Declaration.


Requirements for admission:

  • High school lasting four years,
  • Entrance exam in informatics.
  • The entrance exam for basic expert studies consists only of informatics, and during the studies there are no mathematical, but strictly practical subjects.
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