Big Data

Objectives and outcomes

The main goal of the course is to familiarise  students with the modern principles of information management in systems based on big data. Students acquire knowledge and skills related to data and information management, design and development of information systems in a big data environment.


The lectures present what big data can offer. Students are introduced to the basics of the infrastructure used in working with big data. The NoSQL movement, the basic concepts, techniques and patterns needed for distributed database operation are presented. The concept of key-value database is introduced by analysing solutions like Amazon DynamoDB. Document-oriented databases are introduced, with a focus on MongoDB. After reviewing the implementation of Google BigTable and the GFS/HDFS technology, the function of columnar databases is explained.

Practical classes

Dell EMC technologies are used in practical classes. Students learn when to use relational and non-relational databases. They learn about Hadoop platform and the architecture of HDFS. Software-based solutions and dedicated solutions are compared. Students learn how to use the Dell EMC Isilon OneFS architecture concept for big data processing.