Business Applications

Objectives and outcomes

Acquiring a basic knowledge. Students apply the acquired knowledge to other subjects, as well as modern technologies and tools from this area.

Practical classes

Microsoft Power Point. Creating a presentation using a template. Adding and editing content. Tables, charts and diagrams. Inserting and formatting images, shapes and graphic objects. Formatting slides. Animation schemes. Microsoft Word: Creating text styles and tables. Page numbering. Inserting and editing objects. List and table sort. Creating and editing diagrams and charts. Use of automated tools for navigation. XML document structure. Creation of a format, document background, index and content. Microsoft Excel: Using subtotals. Definition and implementation of advanced filters. Data grouping. Data validation. Creating a list of cells. Creating reports. Search functions. Database functions.  Finding incorrect data and formulas. Derivation of formulas. Excel named ranges. Structuring workbooks using XML.