Converged Networks and Services

Objectives and outcomes

Students acquire knowledge of the characteristics of converged networks and services, techniques and
principles of designing convergent systems, methods for analysing services in a multiservice
environment and principles of solving problems and optimising these systems. Upon completion of the
course, students gain knowledge of the principles, characteristics, performance and concepts related to
the design and implementation of converged networks. They can analyse the existing network and
system, in all layers, and on the basis of the obtained parameters propose and independently design a
solution for the implementation of a converged network, as well as define all the necessary protocols,
service and transmission parameters.


The concept of converged networks. Technologies. Protocols. Converged network design – requirements
and constraints, overview of ‘Framework’ structures, design methodologies, design, protocols,
constraints, system optimisation. Design of LAN, WAN, MAN networks, as well as data storage networks
(standards, protocols and solutions). Network management, definition and selection of protocols,
software tools. Defining service levels and procedures. Transmission of multimedia content through the
network. Standards. Protocols. Digitisation and transmission of audio and video signals. Multimedia
applications. IP telephony, Video / IPTV, video on demand – standards, structure and technical solutions.
Optimisation and quality of service. Designing new generation networks – new technologies and

Practical classes

Analysis of converged networks on practical (real) examples of ‘Case Study’ – analysis of design,
protocol and service, measurement of parameters related to the transfer of various applications and
services. Designing a converged system based on defined requirements, using various tools. Design of service quality policies in converged networks, including protocol selection, methodology, definition of transmission parameters. Design of management, monitoring and troubleshooting systems in a converged network.