Doctoral dissertation – preparation and defence


Acquiring knowledge about methods, structures and forms of writing a dissertation after the analyses and other activities carried out within the given topic of a doctoral dissertation. By writing a doctoral dissertation, students gain scientific experience in creative work, writing papers that describe the problem, implemented methods, procedures and the results. They make a new scientific contribution to the development of science and the application of their scientific research in practice. In addition, the goal of preparing and defending a doctoral dissertation is to develop students’ ability to prepare the results of independent work in a suitable form, to present them publicly, as well as to answer to remarks and questions regarding the given topic.


Training students for a systematic approach to solving a given problem, carrying out analysis, applying acquired knowledge and acquiring knowledge in other areas in order to find creative solutions for the original problem. Independently studying and solving tasks in the field of the given topic, students gain a new scientific knowledge about the complexity of problems. While making the dissertation, students gain specific experiences that can be applied to practice when solving problems. Students acquire necessary experience in presenting the results of independent or collective work in practice by preparing the results for a public defence, the public defence and by answering questions and remarks of the commission.

Content of the course

It is formed individually in accordance with the needs and the area covered by the given topic of the doctoral dissertation. Students, in agreement with a mentor, prepare the doctoral dissertation in written form, in accordance with the Regulations on doctoral studies and the Regulations on the preparation and defence of the doctoral dissertation and doctoral art project. Students prepare and defend a written doctoral dissertation publicly in agreement with the mentor and in accordance with the stated rules and procedures.