Doctoral Dissertation – Research Work


Application of basic, theoretical and methodological, scientific-professional and professional-applied
knowledge and methods in solving specific problems within the selected area. Within this part of the
doctoral dissertation, students study the problem, its structure and complexity and, based on the
conducted analyses, draw conclusions about possible ways of solving it. Studying the literature, students
get acquainted with the methods intended for a creative solution of new tasks and engineering practice when
solving them. Students gain necessary experience through solving complex problems and tasks and recognise opportunities for the application of previously acquired knowledge.


Students are able to independently apply previously acquired knowledge to different areas in order to
understand the structure of a given problem and its systematic analysis, with the aim of drawing
conclusions about possible directions for its solution. Through independent use of literature, students
expand their knowledge in the chosen field and study different methods and papers related to similar
issues. In this way, students develop the ability to conduct analyses and identify problems within a given
topic. Through practical application of acquired knowledge, students understand the role of engineers in the chosen field, the need for cooperation with other professions and teamwork.

Content of the course

The content is formed individually in accordance with the needs of a specific doctoral dissertation, its
complexity and structure. Students study the professional literature and doctoral dissertations of students
dealing with similar topics. They perform analyses in order to find solutions to specific tasks needed for doctoral dissertations.