Integrated information systems

Objectives and outcomes

The objective is to introduce a large and important field of informatics which consists of integrated
information systems, their terminology, technologies, concepts and basic
principles. Students will be prepared for one or more of the following situations: designing and
programming in the integrated information system development, working in an integrated
information system; maintaining and administrating an integrated information system, consulting in the
field of integrated information systems and management, producing solutions connected to an integrated
information system, performing quantitative business analytics and management.


Concept, structure and technological basics of an integrated information system. Business functions,
processes and data integrity. Smaller, local providers (approach, advantages and disadvantages
of their solutions, organisation of work in the development team). Global providers
(Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle EBS). Structured system analysis techniques
(state recording, process diagrams, mini specifications, data dictionary). Relational modelling of
transactional data. Introduction of an integrated information system (the rule of order of magnitude,
expectations from the solution depending on the function in the organisation). Models of cooperation (insourcing, outsourcing). Financial software (concepts of accounting, general ledger, analytics, microeconomic indicators). Supply chain
management software (documents in the procurement cycle, coordination, the bullwhip effect).
Customer relationship management software. Production support software. Human resource
management software. Business analytics (basics of quantitative methods in management, business
intelligence technologies, basics of predictive analytics).

Practical classes

Organisational needs analysis and the design of the information system through the examples of structured system analysis and relational modelling of transactional data. Introduction to the integrated open-source information system iDempiere: iDempiere functionalities, iDempiere architecture, iDempiere installation and implementation, development of additional functionalities.