Internet of Things

Objectives and outcomes

Acquiring knowledge of the characteristics of the Internet of Things (IoT), technologies, structure,
protocols and design principles of these systems, methods for analysing existing solutions, comparing
different solutions and selecting optimal technologies and solutions for building these systems. Upon
completion of the course, students have the knowledge about the IoT concept, design methodologies,
technologies used to implement these systems in practice. They recognise different technologies used in
these systems and can explain the relationships among them, as well as define the parameters that
would be used in practical implementation. Students can independently analyse a given problem and
suggest a solution that includes a choice of technologies, protocols, and devices.


Definition and concept of IoT system. Characteristics and physical design of these systems. Logical
design. Functional blocks. Communication models and software interface. M2M. Technologies used to
build these systems. Protocol analysis. The concept of virtual networks. Cloud computing. Virtual
network functionalities and solutions. Software defined networks. 5G network concept. System mobility.
Wireless networks-standards and characteristics. System architecture. New concepts and characteristics
of protocols and devices. Services and their characteristics. Use of sensors. Device detection. Data
aggregation. Design and implementation of IoT systems. Automation and
practical implementation – smart homes, industrial solutions. IoT tools. Application development.

Practical classes

IoT analysis in practical (real) examples of ‘Case Study’ – analysis of design, protocol and service,
measurement of parameters related to the implementation of various technologies and solutions.
Designing IoT systems based on defined requirements, using various tools. Design and development of
applications based on defined requirements in a defined environment. Solution analysis – smart cities,
industrial solutions, smart homes.